Monday, April 4, 2011

How to Install Windows XP on Acer Laptop

          A few days ago, my friend bought an Acer laptop computer, and then he asked me for help to install Windows XP on Acer Laptop.
          First, I set the BIOS (press the F2 key at boot), then I went into the Boot menu to determine the order of booting from the CD and I save it, and then insert the Windows XP CD into the CD Drive and restart.
          I follow the standard steps installation of Windows XP. The problem occurred when loading windows for the installation, the blue screen appears (if the computer screen displays a blue screen, a sign that there is hardware conflict / no support).I tried again until a couple of times, but remained the same result.

          Then I tried to enter BIOS again. This time I tried to check the hard disk SATA mode. There was a choice of IDE and AHCI. AHCI mode selected by default. I try changing to IDE mode. Then I restart the laptop again, repeat the installation process.
Ohh...!! The Installation was smoothly like a charm.
I got information from Acer Service Center that:
SATA AHCI mode is used for Windows Vista / 7. IDE mode is used for Windows XP.

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