Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Open Multiple G-mail Accounts in the same web browser

              This is the way to open multiple G-mail accounts in the same web browser. I hope it is useful for anybody who has more than one G-mail accounts.

Step (1) Sing in Email account. And than go to Setting.

Step (2) Click on Accounts and Import under Settings Menu.
             Click on Other Google Account Settings

Step (3)  Edit Multiple sign-in to change from off to on

Step (4)  On - Use multiple Google Account in the same web browser and select each of the
              check boxes. And than Save it.

Step (5) You can see down arrow beside G-mail account. Click on down arrow and than
             click on Sign in to another account....

Step (6)  Open another G-mail account.

So, now you already can use Multiple G-mail accounts in the same browser at the same time.

မူရင္းေရးသားသူ။    ။ Nyein Latt

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