Saturday, April 9, 2011

Why is My Computer Slow?

  Almost everyone who's using computer has asked the question "Why is my computer so slow?" This article will help explain why and give you some tips on how to get your computer fast again.
          One for slow speed in my experience is too many start-up processes. For example; you go to the store, pick up a shiny new computer, turn it on and you can't believe how nice and quick it is.
          And then you go to Facebook, and look! They have a cool add-on for your web browser; you have to install that right? :) You get the idea. Over time, all of these little add-ons and programs add up to one huge cyber-weight. The problem is, your computer is pulling all of that extra weight with the same old engine it came with. In other words, you have the original CPU and memory trying to run a lot more software.
          So how do you get back your computer faster? Two ways that I recommend:

1. Call the technician to do it for you.
2. Try to clean it up yourself.
          The first one you can go to the computer repair center in your city.         
          So let's go right to number two. You'll need a few tools. Not screwdrivers or hammers, but some good software tools. Don't worry, they're all free.
          The first one is built-in. Go to the Windows Start Menu and click Control Panel. You will see a link called "Programs." Click it and then click "Uninstall Programs." After a few seconds you'll see a list of all the programs installed on your computer. Simply look through the list and uninstall anything you don't need. Just remember, once you uninstall it, it will be completely off of the computer.
          After a reboot, download the Software tools below;

download link:
Ccleaner has proven to be an excellent tool for cleaning out and fixing a multitude of problems caused by software in your computer.

download link: 
I install this on all of my clients' computers. You scan with it manually once per week and it helps clean out viruses and malware in general that your main antivirus program may have missed. Keep in mind, our goal is to minimize background processes; hence, why I recommend Malwarebytes and running it manually.

          Another great way to speed up your computer is with upgrades. You can install more RAM and if you have a few extra bucks, spring for a solid-state hard drive. You'll be surprised at the difference.

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